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Product Review of Fatwood Kindling

Fatwood Kindling Today we did a product review of the kindling we carry at our garden center, Fatwood Fire Starter. Its a great product that we use everyday during the winter. We heat the store with a wood burning stove and we use Fatwood to start it everyday. Fatwood is located over in Savannah GA […]

Nursery Highlight Dec 10 2013

Here are a few items we would like to highlight this week at our nursery on Milgen Rd. First, we wanted to let you know about two new plant varieties that have recently been released. They are nice upgrades to the originals. 1. The new “Crimson Fire” Loropetalum stays small and has a deeper color […]

Your sprinkler system knows when it’s raining…

IF you have a rain sensor…..   A rain sensor on your sprinkler system can save you money.  It is a very simple devise that tries to mimic  soil moisture in your yard. Frequently, customers ask us “will it stop the sprinkler if it’s raining?”  The answer is ‘it depends’. Rain sensors usually have leather […]