Your sprinkler system knows when it’s raining…

IF you have a rain sensor…..


sensors_rainclik_01A rain sensor on your sprinkler system can save you money.  It is a very simple devise that tries to mimic  soil moisture in your yard.

Frequently, customers ask us “will it stop the sprinkler if it’s raining?”  The answer is ‘it depends’.

Rain sensors usually have leather o-rings stacked up on a little post.  When they get wet, they expand.  When they expand enough, they trip a switch and that switch turns off the sprinkler.  Here’s the rub.  Depending on how it is set, you may need up to a 1/4″ of rain before it turns off.  To someone driving by during a shower, it would seem you were just wasting water.  Actually, you aren’t.

Once you reach your set limit, the system will shut-off and stay off until the soil gets dry enough to need water again.  The controller will ignore start times until the sensor says so.  So, why did I say, ‘it depends’?

Some of the newer sensors have a second set of leather 0-rings.  The react much quicker that the main ones.  They are there for short passing showers.  As soon as the rain starts, the system cuts off.  then, it re-starts when the coast is clear.  Saving you embarrassment.

If you like saving money on your water bill, a sensor might be just the ticket.

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