Sprinkler Systems

Untitled 0 00 00-01 (2)Sprinkler systems come in all shapes and sizes and not all companies have the tools or know-how to do a good job. Our techs are trained and proficient in what they do. They also have vast resources at their disposal to solve any problem.

Our lawn sprinkler systems are installed with maintenance in mind from day one. Every sprinkler system we sell is designed to be easy to work on. Why? Because we know we are coming back one day. We don’t have a cell phone number on the side of our trucks. When you call our number again, you will get an answer and a solution to your sprinkler problem.

We only use quality materials in our sprinkler systems. Our pipe is Schedule 40 only. We have never installed Class 200 pipe in any of our sprinkler systems. For those of you who don’t know what Class 200 is, it is what most people call “thin wall” pipe.

If you already have a sprinkler system and just need service, we can do that too.

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