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Small landscape renovation on Hilton pt2

Here is the follow-up and final article on the landscape renovation we did in The Hilton Ave area of Columbus Ga. We were postponed about 6 weeks waiting on plant material to come in, the home owner to get back from vacation and bad weather. The job is finally done and turned out really nice. […]

Small Landscape Renovation on Hilton Pt1

We started a small landscape renovation on Hilton today. All of the plant material in the front around the house will be removed and all of the bed edges will be re-shaped and re-planted. I will be posting videos of the job progress along the way. Today’s installment is a basic over view of us […]

Photos: Patio and Retaining Wall Job on Dell Dr Columbus Ga

This is a patio we poured off of Dell Dr in Columbus. We had to cut the hill out and take care of the water that was going against the house. We also built a retaining wall around the patio to keep our elevation. We finished with a deck drain going across the entire patio. […]