Retaining Walls

IMG_1927Retaining walls are not something to be taken lightly. Retaining wall construction requires engineering and science to be reliable. Don’t trust a sub-standard wall to hold up the back of your home or your new swimming pool. Poorly designed and constructed walls cost homeowners a lot of money every year.

Beware anyone who gives you a price “by the foot”. This is an indicator that they did no research and have no clue what their true costs are. This also indicates that the wall they are about to build for you has not been engineered.

Every retaining wall that we build has been studied and properly designed before a price is ever given. Each situation is completely different, therefore each price is different. When we construct a wall, we take into account all of the damage we will do during construction and all repairs we will have to make once we are finished. When we finish your job, EVERYTHING is finished, not just the wall. You can be confident in the structure we leave behind.

We build decorative walls, structural retaining walls and in some cases, wood walls.

Let us design a wall for your next landscaping project!