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Lawn Maintenance

Lawn care is where we  starte. What makes us different is the pride we take in our work. Our people are motivated and strive for excellence. Like all other areas of our landscaping business, our lawn care people love what they do. They have one job:  Lawn Maintenance.


When our professional and courteous technicians show up to your home, you know you are in good hands. You will never have to guess what lawn care company they are with or if they are supposed to be there or not. They present a professional appearance in every way, from the truck they arrive in to the equipment they use.


Our lawn care professionals are friendly and want to serve you. They will make every effort to make sure you are happy before they leave your property. Lawn care is more than just “Mow, Blow and Go”. It’s a state of mind and an attitude. We love our customers and take their lawn care seriously.


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Landscaping is important for every home. Knowing which trees and shrubs grow best in certain conditions is crucial to having a sustainable yard! Our Seasonal Concepts staff is here to help you with any outdoor project need. Contact our office today at (706)-561-2566 to schedule your appointment and get a quote today! 


Retaining Walls


Retaining walls are not something to be taken lightly. Retaining wall construction requires engineering and science to be reliable. Don’t trust a sub-standard wall to hold up the back of your home or your new swimming pool. Poorly designed and constructed walls cost homeowners a lot of money every year.

Every retaining wall that we build has been studied and properly designed before a price is ever given. Each situation is completely different, therefore each price is different. When we construct a wall, we take into account all of the damage we will do during construction and all repairs we will have to make once we are finished. When we finish your job, EVERYTHING is finished, not just the wall. You can be confident in the structure we leave behind. We build decorative walls, structural retaining walls and in some cases, wood walls.

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Let us design a wall for your next landscaping project!


Patios/ Concrete Work

Patios are the best way to help bring life to your outdoor space. There are many options to choose from:  concrete patios, paver type patios, walkways etc. The only limit is how much space is in your backyard. Call us today to learn more about the type of patio/concrete work we do and let us create the backyard you have always wanted! Contact us at (706)-561-2566  to start on your next project today!


Drainage Systems

 A Drainage System is important  for a yard that has a water retention problem. Too much water can harm any plants or trees in the surrounding area and could even put stress on the structure of your home. Seasonal Concepts can install a variety of drainage systems and insure the correct system is placed in your yard! Contact our office today at (706)-561-2566 to learn more information and set an appointment up today! 


Irrigation System

Sprinkler systems come in all shapes and sizes and not all companies have the tools or know-how to do a good job. Our techs are trained and proficient in what they do. Our lawn sprinkler systems are installed with maintenance in mind from day one. They also have vast resources at their disposal to solve any problem

Also, if all you need is a repair on a sprinkler system, give us a call to schedule an appointment for one of our irrigation specialist to come out and take a look.  

Contact our office today at (706)561-2566 to get started today!


Consultation Services at Our Garden Nursery

Ready to change your landscape but unsure where to start? A consultation will let you ask questions and develop a plan.  Our friendly staff is ready to help you find the perfect shrubs, trees and bedding plants for your yard today! Our peak season, from March Until May, can become quite hectic at the Garden centers so if you would like to have one of our experienced staff walk the yard with you please call the office at (706)- 561-2566 to set up your appointment today!

** These services are only offered during the week during "peak" season. Please bare with us, we want to give every customer the time and attention they deserve!**


Weed Control

 Weed control is an integral part of lawn care. We offer weed control, fertilization, fungus and pest control for the yard. Like all of our other services, no job is too small. 

We are licensed in Georgia and Alabama. Contact us at (706)-561-2566 for an estimate for controlling the weeds in your yard today!