Winter yard chores that make spring much easier

Winter yard chores that make spring much easier

-Renovating your lawn in the winter can have several benefits. Plant material and sod are less susceptible to heat damage and landscapers are likely less busy. Winter is also the best time to plant trees.

-Stock up on and get ready to apply pre-emergent weed killer. It will likely be cheaper this time of year and you will have it handy to apply ahead of spring weed germination. This needs to be applied around middle to late February.

-Now is the time to prune your perennials, Crepes and trees so they can flush out this spring.

-Winter is the best time to clean out your flower beds. Remove all clippings and leaves. Leaving them can cause fungus and rot when the temperatures start to soar.

-Get an estimate for your lawn care. Waiting until the spring rush could leave you out in the cold. Landscapers are usually overwhelmed in the spring. If you get on the schedule in the winter, you will already have an established routine in place.

Following these winter lawn care tips will make your transition into spring a lot smoother.

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