“What is this purple weed all over my yard?”

HenbitI had someone contact me recently, asking what this purple weed was in his yard. He submitted the photo above.

This weed is called Henbit and is very common around here. Fortunately, it is easy to kill. Any of the broad leaf weed killers like Weed-B-Gone or Weed Out will take care of it in short order and at low rates.

Here another photo that I took of it as well.image

You can keep this weed and most others from appearing in your yard by applying Pre-M (Pendimethlin) three times per year. Once in spring, summer and fall. These three applications will cut down on the need to spray all year and keep your weeds in check. Preemergents can save you a lot of money and reduce the amount of pesticides you apply to your lawn.

Has this been a problem in your yard this year? Comment below.

What is this purple weed in my yard?
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What is this purple weed in my yard?
Henbit is very common in the spring here in Georgia.

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