JOB PHOTOS: Drain Tile Around House

Drain Job 1-21We did this drain job off of Calvin Dr in Columbus. The customer had major water issues in their crawl space.


Drain Job 1-3

As you can see, the yard was sloped back to the house and the water had nowhere to go when it rained.


Drain Job 1-10

The first thing we had to do was dig a mote around the house below the foundation and add a membrane. We made sure that the mote was sloped away from the house and drained to a lower area in the yard.


Drain Job 1-9

After we finished the ditch, the membrane and installed drain pipe, we filled the entire ditch with rock to allow water to enter.


Drain Job 1-14

You can see here where the mote goes around the house and heads down hill taking the water away.


Drain Job 1-13

Here you can see the ditch has been back-filled and ready to be finished.


Drain Job 1-15

Here we have everything just about graded and ready for sod. We used really sandy soil so the water can move through it easily and we also made a swale to carry much of the water away before it even gets into the drain.


Drain Job 1-20

The sod has been layed and we are almost done cleaning up.


You can see all of the photos in the gallery below, just click the image.


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