Grow your own food. How can we help?

TomatoAs I sit here writing this, I am drinking processed instant coffee and Lord knows what kind of processed stuff in my creamer. (I know “Instant” coffee, but it’s something I picked up from my Grandmother a long time ago) Anyway…..

I have been thinking a lot about natural foods and what is good for us to eat. If you take a look around, pre-processed stuff is in EVERYTHING we eat. You can’t get away from it. I have been doing a good bit of research on this and trying to find ways to get better food that is not so… well… ARTIFICIAL.

Through research, I have come across a few websites that show you how to get real heirloom seeds to grow your own stuff and how to avoid the big agra guys.

I have even come across a local Facebook page here in town that has a lot of active members doing this very thing. You can visit their FB page at: Columbus Ga (zone8) Gardeners community. I joined a while back and they seem to be a solid group of people.

Wilsons-FarmsI also have a good friend I graduated with that has a farm up in Pine Mountain. This is their second year growing and they have a lot of vegetables and are even raising chickens now. They pollinate with their own honey bees, so they don’t use harsh chemical pesticides. My wife and I will be buying most of our food from them this year. You can find their farm here at Wilsons Farms.

As a local retailer in the horticultural side of things, we would like to ask:

How can we help people in the community eat and live this way, if they choose to?

Are there products or services that we may be able to incorporate in our business that may help make these endeavors a little easier?

I started our Facebook page and our website last year for this very purpose. This community has been very good to us the last 33 years and we want to engage and be a resource for others.

Another question I would like to ask is: Are you trying to get better food now and if so, how are you going about it?

I would love to hear your comments below and any recommendations you may have on eating better and growing your own food.

Grow your own food. How can we help?
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Grow your own food. How can we help?
We want to know how we can help people trying to grow their own food.

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