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Winter yard chores that make spring much easier

Winter yard chores that make spring much easier -Renovating your lawn in the winter can have several benefits. Plant material and sod are less susceptible to heat damage and landscapers are likely less busy. Winter is also the best time to plant trees. -Stock up on and get ready to apply pre-emergent weed killer. It […]

Instead of a retaining wall, try Asiatic Jasmine

If you have an erosion problem, but can’t afford a retaining wall, Asiatic Jasmine may be the answer to your prayers. Asiatic Jasmine is a low growing, compact plant that works wonders on hill sides. Once established it will hold the soil and slow the water coming off of the slope. It is low maintenance […]

Weed control basics for your yard

These are some basic tips to help you be more productive when getting weeds out of your yard. 1. Identify the weed One of the biggest mistakes people make is guessing what kind of weed they are trying to get rid of. This can be a big waste of money due to ineffective treatment and […]

Your sprinkler system knows when it’s raining…

IF you have a rain sensor…..   A rain sensor on your sprinkler system can save you money.  It is a very simple devise that tries to mimic  soil moisture in your yard. Frequently, customers ask us “will it stop the sprinkler if it’s raining?”  The answer is ‘it depends’. Rain sensors usually have leather […]