Basic Lawn Care Tips That Make a Difference

Basic Lawn Care Tips That Make a Difference

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A great looking lawn makes us happy, but caring for it can be a challenge. The following tips can help you be the envy of the neighborhood.


    1. Soil Sample. First of all, test the pH of the soil. This will actually save you a lot of money, because you’ll know exactly what your soil needs. You can use your local county extension agent or test it yourself with a test kit.


    1. Mowing your lawn. You want to keep the lawn down to at least 2 inches because we have a hot humid climate. Grass that is too tall will tend to set up fungus in the summer due to the heat and humidity. However, it is advised to keep the lawn a little tall in the coldest months of winter to protect the roots from frost damage. Always rotate the direction you mow the lawn. If you don’t you will develop ruts.


    1. Watering. In the winter no water is needed. We usually get enough rain and the sod is dormant. New sod needs to be watered twice a day in the summer


      because of the extreme heat and evaporation, Established sod can usually be watered every other day for about 20 minutes. Your sprinkler system efficiency will dictate this timing. You should always water in the early morning around 4 am or so. The water has time to soak in and then be evaporated by the sun. Watering in the evening, leaves the sod wet all night and gives fungus time to get established.


    2. Fertilizing your lawn. To keep your lawn healthy, you need to fertilize about every 60 days during the growing season. Your PH test and proper adjustment make the fertilizer available to the sod in the soil. Improper PH will lock the nutrients up and your fertilizer won’t work.


    1. Weed Control. It is important to establish and maintain a solid weed control program. Weeds not only take away from a lawn’s visual appeal, but its health as well.


    1. Aeration. Aeration is very important since the compacted soil may prevent nutrients, air and water from reaching the root system.


  1. Keep the leaves up. Leaves covering your lawn keep sunlight from reaching the grass blades and the sod can’t survive. Keep the leaves up.

    Lawn Maintenance

    Lawn Maintenance

  2. Maintain your lawn mower. To keep your mower working correctly, it has to be maintained. First of all, always keep the blade sharp and sharpen it when necessary. A sharp blade actually cuts the grass instead of tearing it. Also, check the oil level each time you mow and lubricate all moving parts. Don’t forget about the spark plugs and the air filter as well.


A well-maintained lawn can be achieved quite easily – just remember these basic tips. Did I miss something? Feel free to add your lawn care tips in comments below. 


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Basic Lawn Care Tips That Make a Difference
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Basic Lawn Care Tips That Make a Difference
Basic tips for lawn care

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